[Good Read] The REAL reason Slack became a billion dollar company

An interesting article by Satya van Heummen on why Slack became a billion dollar startup.

The REAL reason Slack became a billion dollar company

Key points, Slack‘s real secret sauce (Other than the usual suspects like good design, good team, timing etc.):

#1 Social isolation / pressure
Because if you don’t follow Slack all the time, other people reference or know stuff on Slack that you don’t know and you don’t take part in. Within companies it is very important to inform yourself about what’s going on, not only for your job but also for your position within the company and your future ambitions. You start to feel social pressure to follow Slack and post to Slack 24/7.

#2 Addiction
Now you start to follow Slack all the time. It’s addictive, resulting in unconscious stress, because you have the feeling you might miss something. I see colleagues Slack at night, weekends, days off, when their wife is labouring, etc, which basically put Slack on the same level as email, Facebook and Whatsapp.

#3 Single source of information
Everyone is now going all-in on Slack because of reason #1 and #2. More and more information is going into Slack (exactly the reason why Slack has hundreds of integrations and more popping up each week) and the team is heavily invested in it.”

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